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DuelSpec™ Sleeves

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The ultimate choice for players seeking top-tier protection. Our premium card sleeves are crafted with archival and acid-free materials, ensuring the long-term preservation of your collection. The precise snug fit keeps cards in their sleeve during play, while the superior shuffle and durability set DuelSpec™ sleeves apart from the competition.

Play like a champion. 

  • 65.5 x 91 mm (for standard sized TCGs)
  • 70 sleeves per pack 
  • High clarity gloss front 
  • Textured matte back 
  • PVC/Acid Free

Please note that White and Yellow sleeves have lower opacity than the other colors. While they feel just as great, we cannot guarantee they will pass deck inspection if your TCG's rules require fully opaque sleeves. If you have any questions, please reach out to us!

Where to buy?

We allocate the majority of our stock to vendors. Once we sell out of our limited stock from our store, you'll need to purchase from our vendors or your LGS. If you want your LGS to stock DuelSpec, have them reach out to us:

Color: Black