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We allocate the majority of our stock to vendors. Once we sell out of our limited stock from our store, you'll need to purchase from one of our vendors. If you want your LGS to stock DuelSpec, have them reach out us!


A better board state.

Where it all started. ALLFX™ dice were designed to track board state with ease. An instant hit at local and regional events, they quickly sold out.


Ready for a close-up.

ALLFX™ dice returned in five breathtaking colors and a larger size for improved streaming visibility, plus an improved D8 set for the new Standard format.


The original.

The Perfect Fit was our first generation sleeves that the community fell in love with.


A paradigm SHIFT.

Engineered to save precious bag space, the SHIFT deck box shifts from a standard width to a slim profile with a flick of the wrist.


Ultimate: The Standard.

Ultimate Fit, the new standard size sleeves, has joined the line-up, available in a rainbow of colors.


Liquid Core.

The highly anticipated next gen ALLFX™ Dice are back in liquid and high transparency resin to capture the gorgeous swirl.


DuelSpec, the next gen.

Building upon the success of Sentinel, DuelSpec sleeves perfected the formula.

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  • SENTINEL™ Ultimate Fit Sleeves

    These sleeves are the absolute best and have come in clutch way too many times with how long they’ll last you. Haven’t used any other brand since they’ve come out, and plenty of other players have felt the same since other brands have been letting them down. Highly recommend!

  • SENTINEL™ Perfect Fit Oversleeves

    Great quality oversleeves. Fits perfectly over my Drajeweled deck.

  • ALLFX™ Dice

    Absolutely impeccable dice. Amazing quality, perfectly sized, and they just look stunning! Definitely met my expectations. Will was also very kind and patient, going above and beyond to ensure everything went smoothly.

  • Playmat

    Tracking was perfect, was able to follow it every stage of the journey. The actual mat is gorgeous, a good amount of weight to it and slides cards easily. Would buy again. :)

  • SENTINEL™ Ultimate Fit Sleeves

    I really like these sleeves. They are super slippery at first, but I haven't had to change a sleeve on one of my decks in a month and the shuffle is still really nice. That *never* happens.

  • SENTINEL™ Ultimate Fit Sleeves

    The only sleeves I use.